If you’re here then you have been invited to the event celebrating Rylee Crist’s trip around the sun enough times to classify her as a TEENAGER. Not a tween, but a full-blown teenager.

Her birthday is on SATURDAY JULY 10th and will be celebrated at our home in the form of a SLEEPOVER (or potentially a BACKYARD CAMPOUT depending on the turnout, weather and interest at the time) that night. We will welcome guests some time that evening.

The following day (Sunday) will involve a trip to the RADCLIFF ROLLER RINK (time to-be-determined, but probably about 2:00 ).

Your presence at either (or both) of these events would be appreciated! If you do expect to attend please let me know; drop me (her Papa, Jason Crist) a txt at 270-734-9139 so that we know how many people to expect. Rylee’s phone is broken right now. 🙁

Happy Birthday Rylee!