Josephine Crist is Eight!

Howdy! Josey Crist is having a birthday party at Sky’s the Limit (map) and you’ve been invited! Her birthday was the 11th (Tuesday) so she’s got the 8yo thing down pat by now. She can’t wait to see y’all there. Here are just a few details in case ya need anything.

You can always text me (Jason Crist, Josey’s Papa) at 270-734-9139. I mean you COULD call, but I almost hardly ever answer so texting is probably a better bet if ya need anything. 😉

The deets:

Jump time for her birthday party is at 1:00. They suggest getting there earlier than that (we’ll be there about 12:30) to make sure the jumpers have the socks they need and (especially) that everybody there (including those not jumping) have their waivers filled out. If you want to do that beforehand you can use this link and it will be associated with her party. (I don’t really know what that means but that’s what they told me.) Or just go to their website and use the jump id 316405. It’s kind of a pain-in-the-butt to fill out while you’re there so I suggest getting that done beforehand. Waivers are good for one year so if it’s been a more than that since you last filled one out they need to be updated. Everybody’s jumping time has already been covered; there should be no expense to anyone.

There will be cupcakes and cheese pizza and orange pop after the hour of jumping.

We’ll PROBABLY have access to the room by 1:00 (for us non-jumpers to chill in) but that hasn’t been guaranteed. Masks are expected for everyone except while in this party room. (I mean… it would be kinda hard to eat pizza with a mask on).

Full Disclosure: COVID exposure event

I also wanted to take a moment to disclose that we have had a covid exposure event late last week. Someone a family member had close personal contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. None of us have experienced symptoms, we Adults are vaccinated, and the family member with the most contact has had a negative (antigen) test. We had considered cancelling or rescheduling the party but considering the time since the event, lack of symptoms and a negative test it seems safe to proceed. We just wanted to make sure that everyone involved at least had full disclosure of the situation in case the situation makes anyone uncomfortable.

Let’s have fun!

Really looking forward to celebrating Josephine’s Birthday! We’ll see you soon!