I'm Jason Crist, an Internet Application Engineer.

I build cool things for the web and mobile gadgets.
I've been building apps on one platform or another for well over a dozen years.
Maybe I can help you make something cool today.

What I Do

I can name drop things like AngularJS (it's as cool as you heard) node (could kick PHP's butt) and PhoneGap. And then there is my long history on the Flash platform with the Flex framework. So I can do that too. Wordpress is a great platform to work in as well. I'm comfortable with a lot of technologies; I've got a hefty toolbox.

But you know it's not about the tools I use, it's about what I can help you do.

The Next Level

You've already got a brand, even a web presence that you like; But you understand that there are more ways that you can connect with your customers. You have an idea for a widget somewhere on your website that would make the online conversation a two-way street. You need somebody to build something that allows your customers to start interacting with you instead of just reading about you.

Let's make a web app.


You've already got a web presence that works for you but you're starting to understand the need to have a presence in the "mobile space". You need someone to help take you there by repurposing and leveraging your existing content, design and brand into a native application that runs on iOS and Android devices.

Let's make a native app.

Level Up

You've GOT an app. But it doesn't serve all the needs you have. Something is in place to serve your back-office but you want to bring that out front to your users. Or maybe you've got an app for your users but managing things on your end has become combersome. You need somebody to take an existing API or plugin and make it work harder for you.

Let's augment your app arsenal.

Plug it In

Wordpress is serving almost all of your needs. It's a great solution-in-a-box and you (or your team, or your agency) is able to make it do just about everything you need. Except that one thing. There should really be a plugin for that. A plugin that allows you to take the management of your online machine to the next level. You need somebody to build that for you.

Let's plug-in to what you've got.


Social campaigns drive traffic to your site and that's been great. But you know it could be better. You want to bring your presence to the social table. You want an app that sits IN Facebook. Or you want to bring all of your users friends to your existing experience. You know that Twitter can be more than a pile of hashtags and you want to make use of all of those connections. You just need somebody to help you make all of that work.

Let's build a social machine.

Head Start

You've got a team of talented people but they are swamped and you need somebody to get things started. Maybe the kind of web app that you need build isn't something they have history in but you're sure that once something gets put into place they will be able to take it from there.

Let's build something together.

About Me

I love being a father and husband even more than being an internet maker. If I'm not at my (stand-up) desk then I'm spending time with my wonderful family which is a spring of inspiration and drive. I value the powerful creative spirit of my children. My wife's talant to make things in many mediums is a wonderful and inspirational environment to live in.

Currently most of my time is spent working with some great people at Tickets.com building mobile apps for people to interact with the ticketing currency. I work either at home or in the Co-working Space of Elizabethtown (C.O.E.). If you need a great place to get things done check them out.


Think we might be able to build something together? Send me an email at jcrist@pbking.com about how you think I can help and we'll get started.